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Born in 1983 in Leoben, Austria.
Christian grew up in a musical family in northern Styria. After a homemade drum set, consisting of biscuit tins and a manure shovel, was broken, he got his first real drum set at the age of 5 years.  
In the same year, there was his first gig. He learned to play drums mainly as an autodidact and has received support from his father. Christian performed with his first pop/rock band at the age of 12 years.  From 17 years onwards he became a professional  drummer in various projects and bands. He is active in numerous bands of different styles as a sideman and substitute.  Above all, the work as a sideman - with the ability to adapt in a very short time to musical environment - made him a well-employed live and studio - musician in the Austrian music scene (Credits, Soundz/Videos).
He studied Drums/Percussion at the Conservatories in Klagenfurt (Classical) and Graz (Popular Music), at the Universities in Vienna (Popular-Music) and Linz (Jazz).

Christian has been teaching drums at Graz Conservatory (Popularmusic) since 2012.

In 2013 Christian founded his own studio (Drumsoundfactory).

He is endorsed by Sonor Drums, Anatolian Cymbals, Agner-Sticks